Nanababa UK is an African Food and Drinks Online Shop based in the United Kingdom, we sell merchandise and other items specifically imported from Malawi. It is a 100% Malawian website, all items sold on this website are sourced directly from Malawi and most are Organic to be precise.

Where does the name NanaBaba comes from?

Yes Nana-Baba, simply Nana in Grand-Mum's and Baba in Grand-Dad's. Not complicated and not a name derived from Western African countries.

It is a "Mwana alilenji" website, selling from Kamba Puffs, Malambe, Sobo, Fanta, Cherryplum, Cocopina, Shawa "Ntedza", Mitama, Chisoso, Ntolilo, Mfutso and all types foods.

So homely and full of flavours to quench your libido from mother land taste". Siza nkhondo kubedi, but food from home. Basi!

Its authentically African and Organic with a twist of Malawian coriander.

Currently our merchandise is imported only from Malawi as mentioned earlier but are looking at expanding our inventory so we can cater many other African countries.

Lets rephrase the name: NanaBaba.Com......

We aim to bring seasonal foods and those rare fruits which are only found in Malawi or a few neighbouring countries. So be the first to spot it on Nanababa.Com.

Bargains: Not only Tesco's does it. We do it too..

 We regulary reduce prices of our products mostly when are near to expire. We will fully refund any product that has been Damaged, Expired, or does not meet your expectation.

Deliver within and outside the UK

We can deliver anywhere in the World. UK and Europe it takes roughly 3 days, elsewhere is 3-5 days depending on the distance. 

Let me stop here, and welcomes you all to our website at any time.

Thank you and have a good day.