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African Crafts

In most cases African Crafts has been known as of painting of decorated surfaces like rock faces, mud huts, hides, bark, pottery, sculptures and human bodies.

Africa has always had a vibrant functional and utilitarian craft along with textiles, fetishes, idols and cultural artifacts for decades. Within our communities we have valued everything that African craft represents which is not just visual; own symbolism and spiritual dimensions alongside our own decorative and aesthetic qualities. Master craftsmen and women still exist and have a special status within our societies and we respect them as the members of our communities. Expertise and traditional skills we do revered and coveted.

Unfortunately, artist's names are often not known, not recorded when the objects of their creativity are initially collected, preserved or sold. We are here at Nanababa just to expose them to the World.

Brand: African Craftsmen Model: A guide to self-employment: A Malawian perspective
A Guide to Self-Employment: A Malawian perspective. By Milward TobiasPLUS A FREE COPY OF : THE MALAWI DEVELOPMENT DIGECT Second Issue, August 2021About the authorMilward Tobias is economist. He is a researcher and consultant. He received training at Moi University (Kenya) and University&..
Groundnut Sinjilo in 250g
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Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Groundnut Sinjilo in 250g
Groundnut Sinjilo in 250g..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Malawi Kapenta Fish 100g
Malawi Kapenta Fish 100gKapenta Dried Fish is enjoyed in Malawi and many other Southern African countries. Kapenta is usually dried in the sun on a clean surface such as concrete slabs, rocks or netting. Drying on racks gives the best results. Drying takes one day or more, depending on the weat..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Mfutso wa Nkhwani in 100g
Mfutso wa Nkhwani in 100gMfutso wa Nkhwani is made from processed Pumpkins leaves, its one of the African ancient food which has been enjoyed for hundreds of year until today. As a way of preserving vegetables so can be enjoyed all year round, intelligent ancient africans turn to one easy way of ach..
Nali Hot Sauce 175ml Nali Hot Sauce 175ml
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Brand: Nali Limited Model: Nali Hot Sauce 175ml
Nali Hot Sauce 175mlBirds-eye Chillies, Fresh Paprika, Onions, Garlic and Salt.Ingredients: Birds-eye Chillies, Fresh Paprika, Onions, Garlic and Salt...
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Nanyati Sugar Beans 300g
Nanyati  Sugar Beans 300gNanyati Sugar Beans, its Malawi favourite type of beans. Another type of Kidney Beans cousins to the famous Red Kidney Beans...
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Pink Kidney Beans 500g
Pink Kidney Beans 500g..
Brand: Shemu Joyah Model: DVD - MOVIE
Seasons of a life - The movieProduced by Shemu JoyahA First Dawn Arts Production (Malawi) productionA childless couple, Kondani (Bennie Msuku) and Thoko (Neria Chikhosi), adopt a child from an orphanage. They employ an orphan, Sungisa (Flora Suya), to look after the child. Later Kondani se..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Tatenda Platinum White – Maize Meal 5KG
Tatenda Platinum White – Refined 5kgTypically, this is a 100% Maize Grain Milled Flour (Galamilo Flour). Different from Mgaiwa, but high fibre content to fill you up.Its a High Quality African oriented NON-GMO maize meal for Sadza, Nsima, Pap, Ugali, Posho.Non-GMO means a product was produced w..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Tetanda Whole Grain – Mgaiwa Meal 5KG
Whole Grain – Mgaiwa Roller Meal 5KGTypically, this is a 100% Maize Grain Milled Flour (Mgaiwa Flour) and high fibre content to fill you up.Its a High Quality African oriented NON-GMO maize meal for Sadza, Nsima, Pap, Ugali, Posho.Non-GMO means a product was produced without genetic engineering and ..
Brand: Shemu Joyah Model: DVD-MOVIE
The Last Fishing Boat 2014 Directed by Charles Shemu JoyahSynopsisA fisherman on Lake Malawi has his cultural values threatened by modernization and the expanding tourist industry, while his beautiful third wife is torn between loyalty to her husband and the endless sexual overtures by a white touri..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Utaka Sun Dried 125g
Utaka Sun Dried 125gProduct of Lake Malawi straight from Malawi...
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