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African Crafts

In most cases African Crafts has been known as of painting of decorated surfaces like rock faces, mud huts, hides, bark, pottery, sculptures and human bodies.

Africa has always had a vibrant functional and utilitarian craft along with textiles, fetishes, idols and cultural artifacts for decades. Within our communities we have valued everything that African craft represents which is not just visual; own symbolism and spiritual dimensions alongside our own decorative and aesthetic qualities. Master craftsmen and women still exist and have a special status within our societies and we respect them as the members of our communities. Expertise and traditional skills we do revered and coveted.

Unfortunately, artist's names are often not known, not recorded when the objects of their creativity are initially collected, preserved or sold. We are here at Nanababa just to expose them to the World.

Brand: African Craftsmen Model: A guide to self-employment: A Malawian perspective
A Guide to Self-Employment: A Malawian perspective. By Milward TobiasPLUS A FREE COPY OF : THE MALAWI DEVELOPMENT DIGECT Second Issue, August 2021About the authorMilward Tobias is economist. He is a researcher and consultant. He received training at Moi University (Kenya) and University&..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Bonya Sun Dried Fish 100 g
Bonya Sun Dried Fish 100gBonya Sun Dried Fish 100g..
Chalimbana FRESH Nuts 500g Chalimbana FRESH Nuts 500g
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Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Chalimbana FRESH Nuts
Chalimbana FRESH Nuts 500g..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Malawi Chalimbana Groundnuts 1kg (Mtedza)
Malawi Chalimbana Groundnuts 1kg (Mtedza)..
Chambo Fish Dried - 3 Pack Chambo Fish Dried - 3 Pack
New Pre-Order
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Chambo Fish Dried - 3 Pack
Chambo Fish Dried - 3 PackMalawi Chambo Fish Dried - 3 Pack, its a species of freshwater fish in the family Cichlidae. This tilapia is a native to Malawi, where it is found in Lake Malawi, Lake Malombe, the Shire River and perhaps some crater lakes further north. Commonly enjoyed with Nsim..
Brand: Castle Malawi Model: Doppel Munich by Castel Malawi. 330ml
Doppel Munich by Castel Malawi. 330mlPackaging : 330ml returnable glass bottleType : Dark BeerAlcohol content : 6%Tagline : Strong Taste For Strong MenMade for a fuller flavour, Doppel Munich is the beer of character for real men. Doppel Munich, goes beyond the apparent force to reveal the true stre..
Fresh Groundnuts - Chalimbana Fresh Nuts Fresh Groundnuts - Chalimbana Fresh Nuts
New Pre-Order
Model: Fresh Groundnuts - Chalimbana Fresh Nuts
Fresh Groundnuts - Chalimbana Fresh Nuts..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Groundnut Sinjilo in 250g
Groundnut Sinjilo in 250g..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Hamper Two : Pick n Choose
Hamper Two : Pick n ChooseSobo Orange x 1Sobo Pineapple x 1Malambe x 1Kilombero Rice x 1Nali HOT Sauce x 1Nali Kambuzi x 1Malawi Gin or One of Linga Wines x 1Ginger or Garlic x 1Carlsberg Green x 1Mzuzu Coffee x 1Mzuzu  Tea x 1Chalimbana Dry Nuts x 1Cherryplum x 1Fanta Orange x 1Fanta Pineapple..
Model: Iwisa Super Maize Meal, 5 Kg
Iwisa Super Maize Meal, 5 Kg..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Kapenta Fish from Malawi 100g
Kapenta Fish from Malawi 100gKapenta Dried Fish is enjoyed in Malawi and many other Southern African countries. Kapenta is usually dried in the sun on a clean surface such as concrete slabs, rocks or netting. Drying on racks gives the best results. Drying takes one day or more, depending on the..
Brand: Castle Malawi Model: Kuche-Kuche by Castel Malawi. 330ml
Kuche Kuche by Castel Malawi. 330mlMowa wathu wathuPackaging : 330ml returnable glass bottleType : LagerAlcohol content : 3.7%Tagline : Mowa wathu wathuHere is your beer for a perfect night out. Enjoy your moment with the boys and have some real taste of Malawian beer...
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