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African Delicacies

Enjoy African delicacies as it should be, Nanababa has teamed with African locals to supply us with authentic gem of the "Mother Land". These are usually a rare or expensive food item that are considered highly desirable, sophisticated or peculiarly distinctive, within a given culture. Irrespective of local preferences, such a label is typically pervasive throughout a region. These contains unusual flavours or characteristics that is rare and expensive compared to standard staple foods.

Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Bonya Sun Dried Fish 100 g
Bonya Sun Dried Fish 100gBonya Sun Dried Fish 100g..
Carlsberg Chill by Castel Malawi. 330ml
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Brand: Castle Malawi Model: Carlsberg Chill by Castel Malawi. 330ml
Carlsberg Chill 330mlFEEL THE CHILLPackaging : 330ml returnable glass bottleType : LagerAlcohol content : 4.2%Tagline : Feel the chillAn excellent lager with a crisp, refreshing taste. Chill unlocks those light moments, lifts your night while you feel the chill...
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Malawi Gowa Chalimbana Groundnuts 1kg (Mtedza)
Gowa Chalimbana Groundnuts 1kg (Mtedza)..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Chambo Fish Dried - 3 Pack
Chambo Fish Dried - 3 PackMalawi Chambo Fish Dried - 3 Pack, its a species of freshwater fish in the family Cichlidae. This tilapia is a native to Malawi, where it is found in Lake Malawi, Lake Malombe, the Shire River and perhaps some crater lakes further north. Commonly enjoyed with Nsim..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Groundnut Sinjilo in 250g
Groundnut Sinjilo in 250g..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Hamper Two : Pick n Choose
Hamper Two : Pick n ChooseSobo Orange x 1Sobo Pineapple x 1Malambe x 1Kilombero Rice x 1Nali HOT Sauce x 1Nali Kambuzi x 1Malawi Gin or One of Linga Wines x 1Ginger or Garlic x 1Carlsberg Green x 1Mzuzu Coffee x 1Mzuzu  Tea x 1Chalimbana Dry Nuts x 1Cherryplum x 1Fanta Orange x 1Fanta Pineapple..
Malambe - Baobab Fruit - Medium Size Malambe - Baobab Fruit - Medium Size
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Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Malambe Baobab Fruit - Medium Size
Malambe Baobab Fruit - Medium Size..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Millet / Sorghum Flour from Malawi 500 g
Great Millet Flour from Malawi 1 KgMawere kapena Chimera cha Thobwa. Great Millet is a Sorghum bicolor, commonly called sorghum and also known as great millet, durra, jowari / jowar, or milo, is a grass species cultivated for its grain, which is used for food for humans, animal feed, and ethanol pro..
Brand: Nali Limited Model: Nali Hot Sauce 175ml
Nali Hot Sauce 175mlBirds-eye Chillies, Fresh Paprika, Onions, Garlic and Salt.Ingredients: Birds-eye Chillies, Fresh Paprika, Onions, Garlic and Salt...
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Neem Powder
Neem Powder 160 GramsIt is often touted as a saviour by many Malawians. Ancientic African medicine and modern allopathy for treating numerous ailments. Thus, the neem tree is strongly recommended as treasured herbal aid for promoting overall health and combating illness and irritants.Neem leaf powde..
Nkhwani - Pumpkin Leaves from Malawi Nkhwani - Pumpkin Leaves from Malawi
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Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Nkhwani - Pumpkin Leaves from Malawi
Nkhwani - Pumpkin Leaves from MalawiThe most celebrated delicacy in the Southern Region of Africa, commonly cooked with groundnuts flour. ..
Red Kidney Beans 300g
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Model: Red Kidney Beans 300g
Red Kidney Beans 300 g..
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