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African Delicacies

Enjoy African delicacies as it should be, Nanababa has teamed with African locals to supply us with authentic gem of the "Mother Land". These are usually a rare or expensive food item that are considered highly desirable, sophisticated or peculiarly distinctive, within a given culture. Irrespective of local preferences, such a label is typically pervasive throughout a region. These contains unusual flavours or characteristics that is rare and expensive compared to standard staple foods.

Brand: African Craftsmen Model: African finest peanut butter 500g
African finest peanut butter 500g..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Black Soap 150g
Black Soap 150gIngredients:- Cocoa Pod Powder,Potash,Plam oil,Coconut oil,Lemon Grass,Shea Butter & Water...
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Bokomo ProNutro 500g
Bokomo ProNutro 500gProNutro is a good source of protein, which is important for maintaining and repairing muscle and other tissues. A high-protein breakfast can also help keep you feeling full and sati.Flavours:-ProNutro Wheat & Gluten Free Chocolate 500gProNutro Wheat Free Bananna cereal 500gP..
Model: Castle Lager 6 Pack Bottles 340ml
Castle Lager 6 Pack Bottles 340ml..
Model: Castle Lager Bottle 340ml
Castle Lager Bottle 340ml..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Chin Chin - African' Finest 250g
Chin Chin - African's Finest 250gAfrica Finest’s original chin chin is a crunchy fried West African snack. The wheat flour nuggets are fried, then seasoned with sugar and salt. The fried pastries were originally served at special occasions but have since become a popular street food snack. ..
Brand: Castle Malawi Model: Chombe Loose Tea 125g
Chombe Loose Tea 125gChombe Loose Tea is packed in a high quality pouch form. A unique blend of quality tea harvested from environmentally friendly tea fields...
Brand: Castle Malawi Model: Chombe Tea 100 tagless teabags
Chombe Tea 100 tagless teabags Chombe tea from MalawiBlack Tea100 tea bags in a BoxTaste of Malawi..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: CocoShea 200g
CocoShea 200gIngredient:- Cocoa Butter,Shea Butter & Vitamin E Oil...
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