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African Craftsmen

Brand: African Craftsmen Model: A guide to self-employment: A Malawian perspective
A Guide to Self-Employment: A Malawian perspective. By Milward TobiasPLUS A FREE COPY OF : THE MALAWI DEVELOPMENT DIGECT Second Issue, August 2021About the authorMilward Tobias is economist. He is a researcher and consultant. He received training at Moi University (Kenya) and University&..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Bonya Sun Dried Fish 100 g
Bonya Sun Dried Fish 100gBonya Sun Dried Fish 100g..
Chalimbana FRESH Nuts 500g Chalimbana FRESH Nuts 500g
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Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Chalimbana FRESH Nuts
Chalimbana FRESH Nuts 500g..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Malawi Chalimbana Groundnuts 1kg (Mtedza)
Malawi Chalimbana Groundnuts 1kg (Mtedza)..
Chambo Fish Dried - 3 Pack Chambo Fish Dried - 3 Pack
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Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Chambo Fish Dried - 3 Pack
Chambo Fish Dried - 3 PackMalawi Chambo Fish Dried - 3 Pack, its a species of freshwater fish in the family Cichlidae. This tilapia is a native to Malawi, where it is found in Lake Malawi, Lake Malombe, the Shire River and perhaps some crater lakes further north. Commonly enjoyed with Nsim..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Groundnut Sinjilo in 250g
Groundnut Sinjilo in 250g..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Hamper Two : Pick n Choose
Hamper Two : Pick n ChooseSobo Orange x 1Sobo Pineapple x 1Malambe x 1Kilombero Rice x 1Nali HOT Sauce x 1Nali Kambuzi x 1Malawi Gin or One of Linga Wines x 1Ginger or Garlic x 1Carlsberg Green x 1Mzuzu Coffee x 1Mzuzu  Tea x 1Chalimbana Dry Nuts x 1Cherryplum x 1Fanta Orange x 1Fanta Pineapple..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Kapenta Fish from Malawi 100g
Kapenta Fish from Malawi 100gKapenta Dried Fish is enjoyed in Malawi and many other Southern African countries. Kapenta is usually dried in the sun on a clean surface such as concrete slabs, rocks or netting. Drying on racks gives the best results. Drying takes one day or more, depending on the..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Malambe or Mabuyu or Baobab Fruit - Medium Size
Malambe also known as Mabuyu Fruit - Baobab Fruit - Medium Size.Shona: MuuyuNdebele: UmkhomoSome of the Benefits of Malambe or Mabuyu fruit and powder.Rich in Many Important Vitamins and Minerals.Helps Balance Blood Sugar Levels.Weight Loss by Promoting Feelings of Fullness.Antioxidant and Polypheno..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Millet / Sorghum Flour from Malawi 500 g
Great Millet Flour from Malawi 1 KgMawere kapena Chimera cha Thobwa. Great Millet is a Sorghum bicolor, commonly called sorghum and also known as great millet, durra, jowari / jowar, or milo, is a grass species cultivated for its grain, which is used for food for humans, animal feed, and ethanol pro..
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Mazoe Cream Soda Syrup Drink
Mazoe Cream Soda Syrup Drink..
Mazoe Orange Cordial 2L Mazoe Orange Cordial 2L
New Pre-Order
Brand: African Craftsmen Model: Mazoe Orange Cordial 2L
Mazoe Orange Cordial 2LMazoe Orange Crush is a homegrown cordial that has been trusted by generations of mothers to give real refreshment for their families. Every bottle of Mazoe Orange Crush is packed with 50% orange juice to give it that authentic, tangy orange taste that only Mazoe is renow..
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