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A guide to self-employment: A Malawian perspective. By Milward Tobias

A guide to self-employment: A Malawian perspective. By Milward Tobias
A guide to self-employment: A Malawian perspective. By Milward Tobias

A Guide to Self-Employment: A Malawian perspective. By Milward Tobias


About the author

Milward Tobias is economist. He is a researcher and consultant. 

He received training at Moi University (Kenya) and University 

of Malawi (Chancellor College). He has also participated in 

short courses including a training in Comparative Regional 

Integration which he undertook at the University of Bonn in 

Germany; training in Field Research which was jointly offered 

by Boston University (USA), Moi University and Great Lakes 

University of Kenya; and a training in Leadership which was 

facilitated by the British Council among several short courses.

He is Director for the Center for Research and Consultancy, 

a Think Tank focusing on economic policy. Prior to his 

establishing the Think Tank, he served as Economic Affairs 

Special Assistant to the Vice President of the Republic of 

Malawi from June 2014 to May 2019. Before that role, he 

served as Program Manager at Malawi Economic Justice 

Network, Project Officer at Institute for Policy Interaction and 

Sales Officer at Malawi Broadcasting Corporation. 


On 26th November 2020, Dr. Asante Lucy Mtenje reacted 

to my whatsapp status and said, ‘amwene consider writing 

a book on this in the near future’. She was reacting to a 

message I posted which read, ‘This is the formula to get rich: 

The value of your goods and services which some people 

can source from you must be higher than the value of goods 

and services which you need from other people’. Of course in 

short, the message was that earnings must exceed expenses. 

I sincerely thank her for the motivating remarks and her belief 

in my capability.

In the course of writing the book, I kept posting hints about its 

contents through my whatsapp status. A number of friends 

in my contacts gave very encouraging feedback which 

was further motivation. I am grateful to all of them. With their 

consent, I have compiled the comments at the back cover 

of the book.

Professor Chinyamata Chipeta is my God-given mentor and 

for that reason I am ever indebted to him. Special thanks to 

Dr. Thomas Chataghalala Munthali for accepting to author 

the foreword. Dr. Munthali has been my career pillar through 

and through. Thanks to Beyard Ndovi for reviewing the 

draft text and making invaluable comments. Beyard was a 

third year economics student at Chancellor College at the 

time of writing this book. Gift Sitima has always been handy 

whenever I need his design services. I am grateful to him. 

Finally, I thank my niece and great friend, Grace Sinkileya, 

for being the driving force behind my daily battles most of 

which I have fought successfully. 

A guide to self-employment: A Malawian perspective


To my niece, Grace Sinkileya. To my mother and late father

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