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Malawi Gin Premium

Malawi Gin Premium
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Malawi Gin Premium

Malawi Gin Premium

The Spirit of Malawi

Origin Country: Malawi

ABV : 43% (Alco by Vol)

Volume : 750 ml

Mix: Tonic Water (Commonly Zest)

Age Restricted from 18 and above

Malawi Gin has been a Malawi's Flag carrier for decades and continue doing so. Since Malawi's independence in 1964, Malawi Gin has been the favourite beverage of all time and enjoyed by locals and many visitors to the country.

Its smooth taste and tranquillity has earned it a name as "The Spirit of Malawi. This also translates very well to Malawi the country and her people who have been known to be welcoming and warm at heart.

Welcome to the "Warm Heart of Africa", Malawi.

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